Floraïku perfumes

I have discovered a new perfume brand I’m putting on my Christmas wish list: Floraïku. The perfume brand is created by John and Clara Molloy and is inspired by Japan. The packaging and concept is so beautiful and unique! All the bottles have a top part in a Japanese print that you can take off […]

Sharing Food with Friends at MOMO Amsterdam

Earlier this month I had a lovely lunch with the two winners of my competition in December, to celebrate the 1000th blog post of 30s Magazine. Eating at MOMO had been on my wish list since 2008, but somehow I never got to it. So it was extra fun to take two of my readers there […]

Juuyo lamps

Last week I was in Utrecht at the interior design store Strand West, and the minute I walked in I saw these two lamps. I was mesmerized and still am. I love Japanese inspired design, especially when blossom or floral design is involved. The Juuyo lamps are from Moooi, and are the work of Italian […]

Sharing food with friends at Cocolo Ramen in Berlin

Berlin is boasting with good restaurants, cafes and bars. During my visit I caught up with Munich based blogger Igor from Happy Interior blog who happened to be in Berlin at the exact same time. We decided to have dinner in Kreuzberg. Igor knew the perfect place, the Paul Lincke Ufer, where a variety of […]

Hotel to Heart: Sir Albert in Amsterdam

I’m so excited, because tonight is the official grand opening of the Sir Albert Hotel in Amsterdam. Earlier this month I spent a lovely day there and got an exclusive tour of this new gem in Amsterdam’s lively neighbourhood De Pijp. I received a very exclusive invitation to their special evening. Sir Albert is part […]