Hotel to Heart: Sir Albert in Amsterdam

I’m so excited, because tonight is the official grand opening of the Sir Albert Hotel in Amsterdam. Earlier this month I spent a lovely day there and got an exclusive tour of this new gem in Amsterdam’s lively neighbourhood De Pijp. I received a very exclusive invitation to their special evening.

Sir Albert is part of the Sir hotels brand, with other hotels opening soon in Tel Aviv and Munich, and Sir Savigny in Berlin. Each Sir hotel is unique as it adapts its branding and design to the local culture. Hence the name Albert, from the nearby Albert Cuyp market. The 4* boutique hotel with 90 rooms and suites, sets itself apart through its service, personal contact with guests, and interior design. The unique location and interesting heritage are very palpable. The industrial building used to be the Van Moppes diamond factory. Massive thick walls and floor to ceiling windows are the only reminders of that as is a special cabin on the first floor with collectibles and antique tools.

Sir Albert Hotel - exterior 1

James Bond of the Netherlands without the water ppk and instead a silver tray

Everything in the hotel is hand-picked by this mysterious Sir Albert and you can feel his presence, as if you are in his home. He has an eye for detail and chose a sleek and chic style. But who is this Sir Albert? In  hotel circles they call him the James Bond of the Netherlands without the water ppk and instead a silver tray.

His taste is state of the art design with custom design furniture by e.g. Baxter. There is a lot of distinctive art throughout the hotel as well as beautiful photography books and art magazines. Most striking is the art wall you encounter when you step into the hotel: JoJo de sex Buddha. This ambiguous piece of art is made out of ceramic hippos that look like breasts at first glance. The study feels like home with comfy chairs, a large bookcase and fire place.

Sir Albert Hotel - The Study 1

IMG_2097ed IMG_2100ed IMG_2091ed


IMG_2104ed IMG_2107ed IMG_2095

The rooms and suites are luxurious and comfortable with Maxalto beds, extra large duvets and you can choose your own pillow (soft, medium, feathers, foam). An Illy coffeemaker designed by Francis Francis, Molton Brown bath products, Zenology products and a rain shower complete the experience of feeling pampered.

IMG_2082 Sir Albert hotel room

IMG_2083ed Sir Albert bathroom Sir Albert bedroom

Sticky notes from Sir Albert

A lovely gesture makes a lasting impression. Sir Albert leaves lovely sticky notes for his guests on the mirror in your room.

IMG_2371 IMG_2372 IMG_2374

iPad service

Another distinctive amenity is the iPad service. There are several iPads in the study and reception area, you could use. If you would like to use one in your bedroom, you can borrow one for the duration of your stay.

Restaurant Izakaya

Japanese restaurant and bar Izakaya has the design concept of a Japanese pub: not too fancy and with a bar in the center of the space. It’s a great place to have lunch or dinner, also if you’re not staying in the hotel.

IMG_2114ed IMG_2124ed Izakaya


They serve rice dishes, and bentos, cocktails with a Japanese twist, and they encourage social dining (sharing different things). The open kitchen contributes to the lively and bustling atmosphere. When the weather permits, you can also sit outside. I tried a shrimp salad with spicy garlic dressing and spicy Peruvian tuna on chips. Super tasty!

I can’t wait to attend the party tonight. Follow me on instagram to see the party photos.

IMG_2088ed IMG_2087ed

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  1. Wow! never heard of this Hotel Brand but how intriguing and how seductive. LOVE that invite, Lady Louise….

    You’re probably bathing in cocktails and amazing food right now as I type this… saw your outfit on Instagram. Stunning x

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