Megan Hess Table Top Collection

Megan Hess table top

If Santa Claus brings me anything this Christmas, I hope it’ll be from the new Megan Hess table top collection. My heart literally skipped a beat when Megan Hess introduced the table top designs on her facebook page only three days ago. Today she announced her webshop exploded and most of it is currently sold out, but she is restocking in the coming days. Not surprising, because the illustrated plates, napkins, and table runner, are exquisite and super elegant.

Megan Hess Table top

Megan Hess says on her facebook page: “I wanted to bring my love of fashion and sketches to the table. All pieces can be bought individually as collectable items or as a complete set for the ultimate dinner party!” The collection is fittingly called ‘The Couture Show‘. I would love to have all 4 plates and use them just once for this Christmas, and afterwards put them up on my wall as a gallery. so let’s hope Santa reads this blog post…

Megan Hess table top couture showMHtabletop09 MH-tabletop06 MHtabletop05 MH-tabletop04 MH-tabletop03


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