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Hot spot Rotterdam: KEET

After hearing so many positive stories about conceptstore KEET Rotterdam, I felt it was time to go and see for myself. And I have to agree with all the other bloggers who already tipped it, this is not a conceptstore you would want to miss when you go shopping in Rotterdam. What I love about KEET is that it has different styles of products but still has a clear concept. I noticed that in Rotterdam the conceptstores differentiate from those in Den Haag or Amsterdam. In general they are more raw, artistic and sporty. KEET is like the Anna + Nina in Amsterdam or the We Love this City in Den Haag. It is like a small department store with home decor items, fashion, plants, stationery, jewelry, toys, and kitchenware.Conceptstore KEET Rotterdamplants at KEET Rotterdamhome decor accessories at KEET Rotterdam

KEET means shack in Dutch.  The concept is simple: they offer web shops, start ups and new labels an offline sales spot. KEET is not a pop-up store though. Quite the contrary. Although they frequently change the brands and products, the store itself remains the same.
Their objective is creating an exciting new shopping experience by creating a place where you can work, brainstorm, shop and get a good cup of coffee, or have breakfast and lunch.KEET Rotterdam lifestyle accessoriesair plantsthrowsbrass home accessoriesKEETKEET Rdam

Besides browsing and shopping, you can meet up for coffee and business, have breakfast, and enjoy homemade smoothies and light lunch dishes in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. The food and drinks served at KEET consists of high quality, fresh products. There is a large reading table, and free Wifi. They also host frequent creative workshops. Visit KEET at Oppert 2A, a sidestreet of Meent.Coffee at KEET Rotterdamlunch KEET Rotterdamworkspace at KEET Rotterdam

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