Shopping guide Berlin: Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg is the multicultural epicenter of Berlin. It’s alternative yet due to the mix of different cultures easy accessible to anyone who likes to explore something new and exciting. A nice and quiet street with a few small boutiques, ice cream parlours and cafes to start your day of shopping in Berlin, is the Körtestrasse. It […]

Berlin hot spot: Street Food Thursday at Markthalle Neun

My Berlin tips continue! I have so much to share from my short city trip last week. But since I don’t want to overwhelm you, this will be my last post for now, and I will pick up where I left, next week. If you’re visiting Berlin on a Thursday you’re in luck, because the […]

Sharing food with friends at Cocolo Ramen in Berlin

Berlin is boasting with good restaurants, cafes and bars. During my visit I caught up with Munich based blogger Igor from Happy Interior blog who happened to be in Berlin at the exact same time. We decided to have dinner in Kreuzberg. Igor knew the perfect place, the Paul Lincke Ufer, where a variety of […]