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Kreuzberg is the multicultural epicenter of Berlin. It’s alternative yet due to the mix of different cultures easy accessible to anyone who likes to explore something new and exciting. A nice and quiet street with a few small boutiques, ice cream parlours and cafes to start your day of shopping in Berlin, is the Körtestrasse. It feels like you are in a village for a moment.


korte strasse facade korte strasse

Beumer & Lutum bakeryKörtestrasse 36

For a wholesome breakfast and good cup of coffee, go to Beumer & Lutum bakery. They have organic, freshly baked, bread, croissants and pastries, freshly brewed coffee and they juice your oranges while you wait.

IMG_3668 IMG_3674

Arte Vida – Körtestrasse 34 (opens at 1 p.m.)

At Arte Vida you can get lifestyle and fashion accessories.  It’s a small boutique with one off things, that changes assortment regularly.

Polli überall – Körtestrasse 3 (opens at 1 p.m.)

Another small but lovely shop selling nic-nacs, textiles and home accessories. From kitsch to design and everything in between.

FortunatoGrimmstrasse 19

This tiny shop sells handmade stationery like postcards and gift tags. Fun to browse and get inspired.

Süper StoreDiefenbachstrasse 12

The Süper Store is really super! The owners of this gift shop handpick high quality, design, and unique items often hand-made or with an ethnic background. You’ll see a lot of Turkish influences as well as Italian and local designs. Kelim bags and cushions, Italian velvet shoes, copper bowls and much more will draw your attention from object to object. I fell in love with the knotted bracelets by Berlin jewelry designer Sabrina Dehoff. Even the price tags are stylish and unique!

super store berlin

gifts super store

kelim bag

super store



Jean et Lili HeimwerkDieffenbachstrasse 38

This cute gift shop sells nostalgic gifts, stationery, lifestyle and home accessories. Their style is shabby chic and country home with a lot of colourful wannahaves. Think Lisbeth Dahl, Rice, Cath Kidston and Clayre and Eef.

IMG_3709 IMG_3713 IMG_3714 IMG_3718

Kado – Graefestrasse 20

A quaint, retro styled shop full of different varieties of liqorice and owned by (not a surprise) a Dutch lady. You will find every possible type of licorice from illustrated, pocket-sized tins, to chocolates filled with licorice, liqueurs, teas,  and rows of glass jars filled with the typical Dutch sweets.

kado berlin

Next stop is the Paul Lincke Ufer where you’ll find a line up of restaurants and bars to rest and have a coffee and a snack. A fine choice for a Japanese snack or soup is Cocolo Ramen. Read my review about this hotspot here. – Paul Lincke Ufer 39

cocolo ramen

Wohnzimmer Berlin – Paul Lincke Ufer 44

Another shop you don’t want to miss is Wohnzimmer where colour has the leading roll. Here you’ll find home accessories, stationery, gift paper, and table- and kitchenware. Nice gifts for someone else or yourself. Their range of blankets and pillows is broad as is their assortment of Rice accessories.


IMG_3748 IMG_3755 wohnzimmer

From here you either walk or take the U-bahn to Moritzplatz where your second stretch of your Kreuzberg shopping itinerary starts.

Modulor – Prinzenstrasse 85

Modular is the largest arts and crafts shop I’ve ever been in. It’s like craft heaven for those who like to indulge in DIY projects, plan events and decorate with handmade goodies. The website doesn’t do the shop any justice. You just have to go there and see for yourself. Nice thing though is you can order online. Their books and magazine department is also fun to browse even though most books are in German.


Schöner wærs wenns schöner wær Oranienstrasse 58A

Opposite from Modulor on the other end of the roundabout you’ll find this lovely and interesting gifts, toys and lifestyle shop. The owners carefully select and sell sustainable and fair trade products only. From washitapes, stationery and toys, to decoration material, bags, planters and kitchen ware. It’s hardly imaginable that it is all sustainable. This shop was my favourite shop in Berlin due to the immense choice of unique gifts and wannahaves for grown ups and kids.

IMG_3719 IMG_3724 IMG_3728 IMG_3730 schoner schonerwaers


Käffchen – Oranienstrasse 38

At Käffchen you are treated to organic and fair trade coffee and food in a raw, vintage setting. Bare brick walls are the backdrop of retro furniture on one side.  On the other side rustic wooden bar tables and stools are styled against wall paper simulating teared pages. Very cool! The freshly baked quiches and cakes are to die for, and the coffee tastes like it does in Italy. There is a great vibe in this place where you can rest and eat before you continue the rest of your day, read a newspaper or work a little on your laptop.

IMG_3741 IMG_3742 kaffchen berlin

Mittag – Oranienstrasse 36

Mittag is another great place to have lunch or coffee. They serve lots of healthy, fresh and organic food and drinks in a light and friendly interior.

Luzia -Oranienstrasse 34

Luzia is a great place to go for drinks before or after dinner. The interior is a sight in itself. The walls are black with beautiful illustrations. The retro furniture gives the space a cozy atmosphere.

luzia berlinluzialuzia bar

Voostore – Oranienstrasse 24

Voostore is totally not my style of apparel but what I did like about this concept store were the gifts and accessories and the lively coffee bar where you can get excellent coffee, baked goods and tea.  The emphasis of their assortment lies on design, creativity and good craftsmanship with varied labels and styles. From streetwear to high fashion, from new brands to renowned designers, Voo offers a constantly rotating selection on collections and design objects, as well as gift ideas and literary classics.

voo store
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Frau Tonis – Zimmerstrasse 13

Frau Tonis mad my heart beat faster. What an excellent concept, I thought, when I entered this store. Frau Tonis doesn’t lure customers with pretty bottles. Instead she focuses purely on the scents themselves. In a minimalist all white interior with Frau Tonis photograph discreetly watching over the boutique you can sniff at the various glass flacons, or create your own scent.

frau tonis 2

This ends my shopping guide for Berlin’s Kreuzberg, a.k.a. Xberg. Stay tuned for another shopping guide of Berlin tomorrow or get up to speed with my Berlin tips from last week by clicking here.

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