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When you are in Berlin, Prenzlauerberg should be on your list. It’s one of the hippest and most upcoming neighbourhoods. The Croco Blue bar I blogged about last week is also in Prenzlauerberg. There is a friendly and young atmosphere with lots of small boutiques, bars and eateries to choose from. But what I loved most were the pastel coloured facades and sun flowers. I was there on a foggy day, imagine what it’ll look like with blue skies and sun. I didn’t have time to roam the entire neighbourhood Prenzlauerberg so I chose to stay on the Kastanienallee and Oderbergerstrasse.

However, if you do have time to explore more, also take time to visit the area of Kolwitzplatz and -strasse, Marienburgerstrasse, Husemannstrasse, Rykestrasse and Helmholzplatz. If you like to paint the town red, the Kulturbrauerei at Schönhauser Allee is the place to be with a huge concentration of bars and clubs.

facades berlin IMG_3793ed


A good start of your shopping spree in Prenzlauerberg would be to start at the U-bahn at the Eberswalderstrasse. From here you can flock into the neighbourhood and explore the many side streets where great little shops and bars are hidden.

Guru – Pappelallee 2

I love ethnic home accessories. If you do too, then you should definitely visit Guru. the specialist for asian furniture and artistic craftwork from India, Thailand, Nepal and Indonesia. They have the most beautiful fabrics, hand painted wooden furniture and fine jewelry, candles, cushions, rugs and bedspreads, and much more.

guru berlin

Koch haus – Schönhauser Allee 46

Koch Haus is a grocery store and cooking shop, where the ingredients are organized by recipe and where the theme is consistently changing. On free-standing tables you’ll find fresh ingredients, and everything else you need for a particular recipe. Divided by appetizers, main dishes and desserts for two, four or more people, the Koch Hause is above all a place of enjoyment and inspiration. It’s basically like walking into a big recipe book that offers a constantly changing selection of 18 different recipes, two to three of which change weekly. You can always choose from a selection of appetizers, salads and soups. Then different pasta, fish and meat dishes. And of course some tempting desserts.

Koch haus speaks to all who enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. From beginners to ambitious amateur cook. The recipe tables are equipped with large color charts showing at a glance what ingredients are needed for a dish. There is also a nook with cooking books, and a small cafe to try some of the food and have a cup of coffee.

IMG_6116 IMG_6118


The Oderberger street is by far one of the most fun streets in Berlin. Aside from all the colourful facades, sunflowers and many terraces it is chock full of small shops, vintage stores, cafes and restaurants. When the weather is nice it is bustling and a catwalk for hip young parents with strollers who try to catch a beam of sunshine over a drink and good food.



O3 Berlin – Oderbergerstrasse 3

If you are looking for unique, surprising, useful and nice things you are at the right address. The O3-shop is a showroom for designers from all over the world. Because they value personal contact with the designers, they know lots of stories about each of their products and know exactly what ideas, work and personalities are behind them. All of their products are therefore unique and produced from loving hands instead of mass production.

Engelberg – Oderbergerstrasse 21

For a hearty meal you go to Engelberg. They are the embodiment of slow cooking but with hearty Burgundian food. It’s fresh, no fuss no frills meals in a cozy and inviting space.


Kauf Dich Glücklich – Oderbergstrasse 44

I instantly fell in love with this ice parlour/waffle house/gift shop. Yes, it’s a three-in-one shop to buy yourself happiness. Indulge in a warm waffle with warm cherries, hot chocolate sauce, whipped cream or confectioner sugar. Or have some delicious home made ice cream and sprinkle it with smarties or chocolate flakes. And while you are taking small bites of your happiness on a plate, your eyes are drawn to the walls where the most lovable gifts are on display for you to buy. Cute ceramics, teatowels and small gifts to take some of the happiness home. The interior of Kauf dich Glucklich is a mix and match of vintage furniture and upholstered armchairs. The outside terrace is a colourful spectacle with sweet pastel ice parlour chairs and tables reminiscent of the 1950s.

IMG_3807 IMG_3809 IMG_3813

kauf dich glucklich kauf dich gluklich

Rosalyn – Kastanienallee 90

Rosalyn is a cute teahouse where you can taste quintessential German sweet bakes accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee.


Buchbox –  Kastanienallee 89

This small bookstore sells quality stationery, magazines, and a small selection of books. Their postcards especially are fun to browse.

Recycling de Luxe – Kastanienallee 22

Recycling de Luxe is a fresh take on new and used objects. The owners call their shop the first upcycling concept store. Everything in the shop is created out of waste and materials that are repurposed. WIth most of the products it takes a second glance to notice that it is in fact recycled. The designs are extraordinary. Hats are mad of oldjutes coffee sacks, wallets and bags from truck tubes and flip-flops from tyres. The recycled designs are all sustainable and produced in fair-trade conditions. An awesome shop you don’t want to miss!

recycling de luxe berlin recycling de luxe

Luxus international – Kastanienallee 84

This unique conceptstore is a showcase for Berlin designers to sell their products. Designers and creatives can rent a box in the shop to display and sell their pieces. Consequelntly you will find different styles and objects side by side. From jewelry to ceramics, and from fashion to gadgets.

Pretty Berlin & Uhranus – Kastanienallee 31

This gift shop carries a wide variety of watches, home accessories and other items such as sun glasses, bags, jewelry and Berlin souvenirs.

IMG_3838 IMG_3839

Fluffy – Kastanienallee 58

Fluffy will make anyone happy with their wide range of colourful dresses, beautiful bags and wallets and popping accessories. It’s affordable and wearable, what more can you ask for?


Schönhauser Raume – Kastanienallee 55

On the border of neighbourhood Prenzlauerberg and Berlin Mitte you’ll find this home accessories and design store with renowned and small design brands. From small furniture to ceramics and mugs.

IMG_3847ed schoenerhaus

This concludes the shopping itinerary in Prenzlauerberg. For more Berlin tips, visit 30s Magazine special Berlin city guide with all blog posts compiled for your perusal. Stay tuned for more shopping itineraries coming your way soon.

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  1. This is a fantastic post Louise! I love Berlin and especially Prenzlauerberg. I was there last summer and I knew instantly that if I was ever to move to Berlin this is the area I would want to settle in. It’s so pretty and has such a nice feeling to it. I hope you had a fantastic time! x

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