Belaqise: Feminine without being trashy and luxurious without being loud

I’m in love with the Dutch fashion brand Belaqise. After being only an online store for over a year, today they are finally opening a flagship store in Rotterdam. Belaqise’s designs are a modern take on classic, feminine silhouettes with clean and sleek lines. Most of the designs can be worn in multiple ways. But what makes Belaqise truly exceptional are the Sheyp sizes, specially developed by Belaqise, The Sheyp concept has nine variables based on different body types taking into account your shape, different proportions, hip width, shoulder width and breast size. There is an appropriate Sheyp-size for every woman, with names like fabulous, gorgeous and amazing. So every woman looks fabulous in the Belaqise design. [continue reading after photos]


Founder of Belaqise is former Shell employee and economist Ahmed Mahla. His motto is: The designs should be feminine without being trashy and luxurious without being loud. Sophistication, luxury and elegance, without compromising on comfort. and with a touch of Arab charm. And the touches are indeed stunning: leather buttons on a cream coat, qualitative fabrics like cashmere, merino and alpaca wool. Satin tunics, trench coats and capes all of high quality. I’m sold, what about you?


belaquis collage

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