7 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2017

Make way thick knits and warm boots, because spring is here and summer is coming soon. Time to clean out those closets and replace your winter apparel with new spring and summer fashion. What are this year's hottest trends? I uncovered 7 trends that I think are timeless and elegant, and therefore a good buy to expand your wardrobe collection. 1. The large brimmed straw hat The large brimmed straw hat is a perfect accessory for hot summer days as protection against the sun. Besides … [Read more...]

Casual Friday

Casual Friday is everyone's favourite dress code in the office. The day you can slip out of the stiff suits and formal dresses and wear something comfortable. It's also the day that you can kick off those high heels and wear your favourite sneakers or flats. Most people opt for jeans on casual Friday, but if you are more of a skirts and dress kinda girl, why not go for a loose fit, soft dress? The autumn fashion accessories and colours of 2016 This autumn the trend colours are blue, … [Read more...]

Summer Fashion Trend: Pompoms

If there is one thing to stock up this summer, its fashion items with pompoms. The girly summer craze influenced fashion accessories and womens wear across all budgets, ages and cultures. From jewelry to lace up sandals, and from beach bags to different clothes trimmed with a pompom strip. What you will also see is that the pompoms are combined with feathers and tassles. Pompoms just ooze fun and happiness, so no reason not to embrace this trend. I already splurged on a pompom trimmed dress, and … [Read more...]

Sunglasses for Summer – The Ray-Ban Erika

Ray-Ban Erika

A summer wardrobe isn't complete without the perfect pair of shades. I already have many styles, like the aviator, and over-sized models. There are so many styles that are in vogue. However, 2016 marks a turning point as the over-sized shades are out, and the retro wing glasses and roundies are entering the fashion scene. Statement pieces from unique materials and in bold colors are making a come-back as well. So it was really time to update my sun glasses this summer. The Ray-Ban's Erika … [Read more...]

Greek Chic: Vice Versa Leather Goods

One of the things I love about Greece is their taste for fashion. I love to shop Greek labels as they are unique and hardly found outside of Greece. In Athens my favourite neighbourhood is Kolonaki, where you'll find a lot of small designer boutiques and high end Greek fashion labels. In Mykonos town I also succeeded in finding a beautiful kaftan, and handmade jewelry. Greek artisans, and small designers set up shop during the summer months to lure in tourists with gorgeous Greek … [Read more...]

In the Picture: Janie and Jack

It's been a very long time since my last 'In the Picture' blog post, where I share one of my favourite instagram people I follow. Instagram is so inspiring and fun, don't you think? I literally use it as a substitute for google. I look up and find beautiful hotels, recipes, cool restaurants and covetable fashion items via hashtags and people I follow. I even plan my trips by looking up things on instagram. And of course, I also share my own discoveries and tips on my own feed. By the way Are you … [Read more...]

Iris Apfel exhibition in Bon Marché, Paris

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGt-0QIOfmQ How lucky I was to be in Paris during the last days of the Iris Apfel exhibition in department store Bon Marché. The exhibition ended on April 16, so I was just in time to see it. Iris Apfel is known for being a wonderfully eccentric 94 year-old from New York, who has the most wonderful quotes on fashion and style. An interesting lady! The exhibition “Iris in Paris” included window displays, a pop-up store with display cabinets showcasing 10 … [Read more...]