7 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2017

Make way thick knits and warm boots, because spring is here and summer is coming soon. Time to clean out those closets and replace your winter apparel with new spring and summer fashion. What are this year’s hottest trends? I uncovered 7 trends that I think are timeless and elegant, and therefore a good buy to expand your wardrobe collection.

spring/summer 2017 fashion must haves
1. The large brimmed straw hat
The large brimmed straw hat is a perfect accessory for hot summer days as protection against the sun. Besides wearing it to the beach or poolside it is now also okay to pair it with jeans and a shirt or tank top, or even better, with a maxi dress!
2. (slip-on) loafers
Remember when loafers were only worn by preppies in the early eighties? No more! Loafer, and the slip-on loafers are the biggest trend this season. Although they are available in all colours, jacquard patterned leather, and metallics are most on point. Aren’t you glad you saved those Todd’s?
3. wicker or raffia tote bags
Who ever said that wicker and raffia are for picnics was terribly wrong. 2017 is the year of the woven bag. Thanks to its poolside friendly look, and casual silhouette it is the perfect companion on your next vacation.
4. Ruffled everything!
Ruffled shirts, skirts, trousers, tops, or dresses. As long as there are ruffles you are right on trend. Ruffles give you an instant tropical and feminine silhouette.
5. Laser cut accessories
Airy shoes and bags really scream summer don’t they? That’s why I love the laser-cut trend so much.
6. Bathing suits
Make way bikini, because the bathing suit is back. Better yet, retro inspired designs even more so. You don’t have to show much skin to be sexy, and this trend plays right into that.
7. Bare shoulders
Show off your tanned skin by dressing in a cut-out shoulder dress or shirt. A modern take on the trend from the 80s.


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  1. Overall the trends to watch for this coming spring is the ruffles. Ruffle is really a sweet design for girls. Ruffles are always on my must-buy list!

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