Best lunch spot in Coconut Grove Miami

My favourite lunch spot in Coconut Grove Miami is hands down the Jaguar Ceviche Spoon Bar & Latin Grill. After a 4 hour drive up from Key West, it was the first restaurant I spotted and walked up to from my hotel in Coconut Grove. The outside terrace was packed, and after a glance at the dishes served, and a peek inside their tropical decor, I was convinced this would be good. It was more than good, it was fantastic! 

First, the ambiance is great! The Jaguar Ceviche Spoon Bar is just a few steps from the Coconut Grove upscale shopping center Cocowalk. The lively terrace is sheltered enough to have a private lunch, yet gives you a perfect view on the shopping public and street life. A perfect spot for people watching. Inside the restaurant, the tropical decor is bright and happy with a jaguar mural, wicker lamps, and yellow color palette.

The service is excellent, and the food is top notch. As an appetizer you get complimentary nachos with a spicy dip. On their menu there are lots of Latin American style dishes and fusions of pan American ingredients and flavours. As a starter I opted for the ceviche spoon sampler which enables you to taste all 6 different ceviche options they serve in the restaurant. I still get excited when I think of that first spoon I had. The explosion of flavours and the different textures combined were pure art. The second, and the third were even better. It was a journey of flavours you don’t want to end.

Then came the main dish: Mahi mahi ‘a lo macho’ with calamari, and shrimps, in a spicy and sweet aji Amarillo sauce with saffron, brandy and pernod. Could it get any better than this? Seriously, if you’re ever in Miami, go to Jaguar Ceviche Spoon Bar & Latin Grill and trust me, you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Woow zie er geweldig uit, zou ik binnekort samen met mijn verloofde ook wel eens willen doen. Ik blijf je volgen,

    Alvast dank vor de inspiratie !



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