Sunglasses for Summer – The Ray-Ban Erika

Ray-Ban Erika

A summer wardrobe isn’t complete without the perfect pair of shades. I already have many styles, like the aviator, and over-sized models. There are so many styles that are in vogue. However, 2016 marks a turning point as the over-sized shades are out, and the retro wing glasses and roundies are entering the fashion scene. Statement […]

Greek Chic: Vice Versa Leather Goods

One of the things I love about Greece is their taste for fashion. I love to shop Greek labels as they are unique and hardly found outside of Greece. In Athens my favourite neighbourhood is Kolonaki, where you’ll find a lot of small designer boutiques and high end Greek fashion labels. In Mykonos town I […]

In the Picture: Janie and Jack

It’s been a very long time since my last ‘In the Picture’ blog post, where I share one of my favourite instagram people I follow. Instagram is so inspiring and fun, don’t you think? I literally use it as a substitute for google. I look up and find beautiful hotels, recipes, cool restaurants and covetable […]

Iris Apfel exhibition in Bon Marché, Paris

How lucky I was to be in Paris during the last days of the Iris Apfel exhibition in department store Bon Marché. The exhibition ended on April 16, so I was just in time to see it. Iris Apfel is known for being a wonderfully eccentric 94 year-old from New York, who has the most wonderful […]

Laura Blagogees dress collection for the holidays

My favourite Dutch designer, Laura Blagogee, just released photos of her new collection called Frozen. The dresses are gorgeous! The name might ring a bell as she often dresses Dutch celebrities, and also me this summer as I wore her couture kaftans. My favourite gowns in the Frozen collection are the black with adorned shoulder parts, […]

The 3 Key Winter Fashion Trends that inject timeless elegance to your wardrobe

Autumn has really set in now. Time to shop those fall and winter fashion trends. I really like this year’s trends, like e.g. the pale pink fashion, or emerald green.  But there are three that I think aren’t just trends but fashion items that enhance your wardrobe because of their timeless elegance. Let’s find out […]

The Manor Blooms Floral Couture Show

Last night I was invited to The Manor Blooms, a magical floral couture show that blew me away. The couture show was organized by ‘Funny how flowers do that‘ (mooi wat bloemen doen), and the Gardeners. It took place in the Mayer Mansion in the heart of Amsterdam: A gorgeous and mystique location that evokes the feeling […]