The 3 Key Winter Fashion Trends that inject timeless elegance to your wardrobe

Autumn has really set in now. Time to shop those fall and winter fashion trends. I really like this year’s trends, like e.g. the pale pink fashion, or emerald green.  But there are three that I think aren’t just trends but fashion items that enhance your wardrobe because of their timeless elegance. Let’s find out what they are.

Floral Fashion

Floral dresses and skirts

Floral, romantic and painterly prints, preferably on dresses and skirts are the hottest trend this season. The flowers are like water colour paintings or inspired by the Dutch painters of the Golden age. Especially peonies and roses are abundantly used on feminine and classic cut dresses and skirts. (shop these at Steps or Zara)

That 70s Look

that 70s look

It’s back to the 70s this winter, and I love it! Bring out your mom’s clothes because they are totally on trend again, were it with minor changes to make it contemporary. The striking 70s patterns and colours are back, as are the A-line leather skirts, hats, and mini dresses. But the one fashion piece that can not be skipped this season is the cape or poncho. (shop these items at Vanillia, Zara, Steps, and Mango)

Faux Fur


Faux fur never goes out of style and comes around every other year as a so-called trend. May it be in the shape of a coat, shawl or hat, it adds glam and sophistication to your wardrobe. This year white faux fur coats are predominantly the most wanted fashion item. Besides being fashionable, they also keep you warm and that’s the main purpose of a good coat! (coats shown are from Zara, Steps, Mango)

I’m a huge fan of all three trends but the floral is my favourite. Please feel free to share your favourite in the comments, I’m eager to find out!

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