10 Things for the babyshower wishlist

In the jungle of baby and nursery brands and things, finding something qualitative and different is not that difficult if you broaden your horizon past the big brands and high street shops and instead look on instagram and Etsy. I can spend hours on instagram browsing British, Australian and American moms who post the most beautiful nurseries with awesome themes, decorated into every detail. Luckily they always mention where they bought the stuff, so I could make this wishlist…


1.Kippins baby comforters

Super cute are the animal baby comforters from Kippins. My favourite is the flamingo Coco kippin followed by the zebra.

2. Bohemian bibs

Bohemian bibs are super trendy! And who can blame a mom, because why not dress your little one fashionably while spoiling food and drooling? I like them especially for the teething period when your baby drools a lot. It functions as a nice accessory and is also a stylish way to keep the little one dry. There are currently 2 brands I really like: Arrow and Muse (see 4 pics below), and the other one is Charlotte Rose Boutique. Both are handmade designs.


3. Munks + Me prints for the nursery

To make a happy and fun nursery with colorful prints, I choose the Munks + Me prints. My favourite is the unicorn, but the flamingo, monkey or cactus also have my vote. I personally think they look best when grouped, like 3 or 4 as a gallery.


4. Kreativium prints

More animal prints but then different. Super cute for the nursery or play corner are the Zoo animal posters from Swedish Kreativium.


5. Baby boho sloff

These wool and leather booties from Boho Sloff for inside or outdoors are handmade and perfect for winter.


6. Sugar Plum Lane Baby Teddy Bear Cape

No words needed for the fabulous, super stylish faux fur teddy bear cape by Sugar Plum Lane. Okay 3 words: want want want!

bear cape

7. baby camera

Kids always like to do what mommy does, so a baby camera is mandatory. (via The Twigo Co) I love the wooden cameras because it is wooden, and because it stimulates the imagination in playing. Although not suitable for a baby, it makes a perfect gift for later and meanwhile it is a great accessory for the nursery decor!

wooden cameras

8. Racoon knee socks

You see them all over the internet on blogs, instagram and pinterest: the racoon knee socks. They are so adorable! There are many shops that sell them, but I found them via Leopotamo

racoon socks

9. baby ballet slippers

They come in white, pink and gold and are super soft and charming. The ballet slippers from Project Nursery.

ballet slippers

10. Solly baby wrap

Last time I already featured the baby wraps from Artipoppe which are very avant garde and chic. I would want to wear that out and about. But indoors I would opt for a more casual wrap like the ones from Solly Baby Wrap.


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