10 Things on the Wishlist of an Expecting Mom

Shopping for a nursery and baby can be fun, but also tiring as there are so many cute and adorable things to choose from. I’ve made a sport out of it to find unique and stylish things to stand out from the crowd. Etsy, instagram and blogs are great resources to find hand-made products, nursery design inspiration and cute baby wear. Today I’m sharing my 10 favourite finds for a baby girl!

Artipoppe Avantgarde Baby Wraps

I don’t think you can be any more fashionable than with a baby wrap by Artipoppe. The fabrics are made of Egyptian cotton, silk, cashmere and wool. And the colours and patterns are so stylish and on trend! Wraps that are functional and fashionable, I love it!artipoppe collage

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags

Who told you that mommyhood meant going down an ugly bag episode? The Petunia Pickle Bottom bags collection reminds us that you can still be stylish and fashionable when dragging around diapers, bottles, fruit snacks and toys. And they also have a range of super cool bags for dads!petunia-pickle3

Baby Kimono onesies

I always had a soft spot for kimonos and kimono fabrics. That’s why I’m a huge fan of the Redfish Kids Baby Kimono Onesies. Two Vancouver based moms design the one-of-a-kind onesies with curated fabrics from around the globe.kimono onesies

An I Love My Type Poster for the nursery

When I found this poster last year, I instantly saved it to my pinterest account. The poster designed by I Love My Type, is so inspiring and full of life messages you would want to give your child.its-a-girl-peach

Dumye Dolls

The hand-made Dumye dolls come in all skin colours and can be personalized. But what I love most about these dolls is that whenever you buy one, an orphan in need will also be gifted one. My current favourite is the superhero doll She-roe with a chic outfit. This doll teaches a girl to be proud and strong, and that she can be anything she wants to be.DUMYE_LE-DOLLS_SHEROE_MOCHA_1024x1024

Flamingos and swans

I’m in love with the products from Vanessa Byrne. She makes the most adorable flamingos and swans for the nursery. The flamingo mobile in particular is just too cute not to buy. In her online store ilka there a variety of decorative swans and flamingos, all hand made, so do expect a price accordingly.flamingo mobile

Cloud hangers

Adorable and functional are the cloud hangers designed by Australian based Down to the Woods, and available via Tea Pea. The steel, powder coated hangers are perfect to display a favourite piece and add some fun to the nursery’s wall.Tea_Pea_DTTW_Cloud_Coathangers_Set_Large

Fromage La Rue marquee light

The Fromage La Rue lights are so adorable! Although the trend of marquee lights is over, I think a small lit cloud next to the crib never goes out of style and adds some magic to a nursery.cloud_04_1024x1024

Mayoral changing mat

Petit Chic is my favourite Dutch web shop for chic baby- and kids fashion. There is so much I like in this store. The Mayoral baby changing mat is a super stylish way to carry on the mat as it looks like a clutch made of faux leather. You can easily pop it into your handbag or diaper bag and pull it out when needed.mayoral

Dutch Sample Room Onesies

I love the onesies by Dutch Sample Room. They are made of organic cotton and hand-painted and dyed with sustainable ink. I spotted them at Gekaapt in Amsterdam but they are also available via Hello Frankie.IMG_3064

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