Dream Big, Little One

Kids room

One of the best things about kids, is their unlimited fantasy and dreaming. So why not make their dreams come true – is what the designers at Circu furniture must have thought. They create beds, chairs, toys boxes and other furniture for the play room/kids rooms. Think a baby crib shaped like a hot air […]

In the Picture: Janie and Jack

It’s been a very long time since my last ‘In the Picture’ blog post, where I share one of my favourite instagram people I follow. Instagram is so inspiring and fun, don’t you think? I literally use it as a substitute for google. I look up and find beautiful hotels, recipes, cool restaurants and covetable […]

10 Things for the babyshower wishlist

In the jungle of baby and nursery brands and things, finding something qualitative and different is not that difficult if you broaden your horizon past the big brands and high street shops and instead look on instagram and Etsy. I can spend hours on instagram browsing British, Australian and American moms who post the most […]

10 Things on the Wishlist of an Expecting Mom

Shopping for a nursery and baby can be fun, but also tiring as there are so many cute and adorable things to choose from. I’ve made a sport out of it to find unique and stylish things to stand out from the crowd. Etsy, instagram and blogs are great resources to find hand-made products, nursery […]

Pale Cloud Girls’ fashion

I’m in love with the Pale Cloud girls’ fashion brand. Pale Cloud is a Scandinavian brand that describes itself as daily couture with a dreamy, minimalistic elegance. In other words, it’s high-fashion yet still casual and wearable. The fabrics are soft, made of chiffon or cotton, and have gorgeous prints. This summer collection is characterized […]

DIY Advent Calendar

It’s hard to believe that in only 5 weeks it’s Christmas. The countdown to the holidays is such a festive period. Right after Thanksgiving I hurry to buy a tree and start decorating. An Advent calendar is also part of the anticipation. This year I started to craft mine early. I was inspired by the […]

Trend: Teepeecal Kids Toys

While we are living in an age where children are more entertained by iPad games, and their Wii, I’m happy to see that there is also another trend that harks back to my own youth: building tents. Or maybe it never went away? Nevertheless, the tent building that we used to do in the 70s […]