8 Tips how to Style Orchids in your Home Decor

In my previous blog post about orchids I shared 8 tips how to take care and nurture for orchids. So now that you know how to make them flourish and bloom, let’s talk about how to style them in your home decor. There are so many colours and species of orchids which make them fascinating, unpredictable but also peaceful and still. Depending on how you style them, and with what materials you mix them, they can evoke different feelings and create a range of diverse atmospheres.

Floral luxury
Ochre yellow is a typical autumn hue that enhances a warm and cozy atmosphere. It evokes luxury and pairs well with grey, white and deep reds and purple. The deep red Cambria orchids for example add sophistication to a space when paired with autumn coloured pots.
Under a bell jar
A striking and current trend in home decor is the bell jar. By using the bell jar as a terrarium you make your orchid a real eye catcher. However, don’t forget to take off the jar at night so the orchids gets fresh air.


By grouping a few on a tray you easily create a mini-jungle. For an even more robust look you can mix them with cacti and other plants, or hang them in macrame.

Collecting the different species and colors of orchids and grouping them together creates a beautiful mini landscape. By using different sizes, heights and planters and pots it becomes a balanced collection to display on a side table or cabinet.


By pairing orchids with fluffy material like faux fur, or knitted pot covers, you give the tropical plants a winter-look.


Design object
Put the orchids in a chic design vase or pot to make it a special style object in your home decor.


A frequently seen way to style your orchids is by pairing them with wicker or bamboo. It enhances the tropical or Asian feeling people usually have with orchids as they are popular in Thailand and other Asian countries.


Orchids are excellent atmosphere boosters for Christmas. Mix them in sparkling gold or copper planters to create an opulent and luxurious look for the holidays.orchids xmas 2 orchids xmas

Photos courtesy of orchidsinfo.eu photography: Eric van Lokven

Christmas photos courtesy of mooiwatbloemendoen.nl

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