8 Tips how to Style Orchids in your Home Decor

In my previous blog post about orchids I shared 8 tips how to take care and nurture for orchids. So now that you know how to make them flourish and bloom, let’s talk about how to style them in your home decor. There are so many colours and species of orchids which make them fascinating, […]

8 Tips how to take care of Orchids

Orchids, you either love them or hate them. I personally love them because they evoke sophistication and glamour, but also a tropical feeling. Did you know that there are over 25,000 different orchids species? Each have their own color, pattern and shape. Originally they grow in tropical rainforests, on cliffs, and in the highest tops of […]

International Day of the Orchid

I have some exciting news for all flowers lovers. Tomorrow, September 3,  is international day of the orchid. In light of this, major cities London, Amsterdam, Paris and Cologne are organizing a special orchids route. At different stores there are activities, goodies, food, or floral art arrangements with orchids. In Amsterdam the route is in […]

Orchids and blossom at the Botanical Garden in Leiden

Spring has sprung, finally. A perfect opportunity to go to the Botanical Garden! You might remember last year’s blog post where I showed you the garden in early autumn. But I feel it is at its best in April when the orchids in the glass houses are blooming and the Japanese tree in the garden […]