Ray-Ban Erika

Sunglasses for Summer – The Ray-Ban Erika

Ray-Ban Erika

A summer wardrobe isn’t complete without the perfect pair of shades. I already have many styles, like the aviator, and over-sized models. There are so many styles that are in vogue. However, 2016 marks a turning point as the over-sized shades are out, and the retro wing glasses and roundies are entering the fashion scene. Statement pieces from unique materials and in bold colors are making a come-back as well. So it was really time to update my sun glasses this summer.

The Ray-Ban‘s Erika model has been around for a few years, and is a nice oval, transition pair from the over-sized to the wings. It is super light-weight, with UV-filter in the brown glasses. What I love most about my shades is the colour that appears either grey, pink or beige dependent on the light and how you pair it. It matches well with any outfit and occasion, whether it’s sporty, casual, or business attire. Check out more colours and sunglasses in the online shop.

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