Yxaiio, the summer drink of 2016

This summer’s hottest drink is the tantalizing ‘aphrodisiac’ drink Yxaiio. A non-alcoholic beverage based on the upbeat aroma of pheromones, intended as a stimulating companion for intimate and hot moments. We were at the launch party a few weeks ago, to taste this glamourous new summer sip.


Yxaiio, 4 ways

Yxaiio can be sampled ‘pure’ with  e.g. mixed nuts. Another way is to mix it with vodka and pair it with oysters. Or, my favourite, mix it with champagne! If you like to serve an unique sultry summer dessert you can also create a dish of strawberries served with a jelly of Yxaiio, sea salt and basil.

XYaiio XYaiio XYaiio

Where to buy it

Yxaiio is delivered in elegant aluminum bottles of 196 ml. It is available from a number of exclusive venues at the beach as well as a selection of relevant restaurants and clubs in the big cities. Would you like to drink it at home? The Aphrodisiac drink can also exclusively be ordered through GLMRRStore.com.


Photography: C.M. de Miranda


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