Recipe: Christmas Cranberry-Vanilla Cocktail

Last year's Christmas I created a cocktail that blew my guests away. I served the cocktail as a welcome aperitif as the guests dripped in for dinner. Because of the success I couldn't not share it with my readers this year. It's actually quite easy to make and you don't need professional cocktail utensils to make it. All you need is a shaker, prosecco, vanilla syrup, fresh limes, cranberry juice and vodka and crushed ice. It's a real winter cocktail yet not spicy or strong like most of the other … [Read more...]

Yxaiio, the summer drink of 2016


This summer's hottest drink is the tantalizing 'aphrodisiac' drink Yxaiio. A non-alcoholic beverage based on the upbeat aroma of pheromones, intended as a stimulating companion for intimate and hot moments. We were at the launch party a few weeks ago, to taste this glamourous new summer sip. Yxaiio, 4 ways Yxaiio can be sampled 'pure' with  e.g. mixed nuts. Another way is to mix it with vodka and pair it with oysters. Or, my favourite, mix it with champagne! If you like to serve an unique … [Read more...]

Lolea Sangria

I would like to make a toast to the weekend with a chilled glass of sangria! Because, is there really any other drink that screams summer more than the delicious fruit-based wine that has its traditional heritage rooted in Spain? To mimic the drink and bring back the flavour of your last trip to Spain is however quite a challenge. Somehow I never get it exactly to taste the same. But now there is something even better: Lolea Sangria! White and red Sangria in super stylish dotted bottles. … [Read more...]

Berlin hot spot: Le Croco Blue

While I was exploring Berlin I discovered the most extraordinary and edgy cocktail bar in Prenslauerberg called Le Croco Blue. I instantly fell in love with the interior, especially the turquoise blue chairs. I would love to have those chairs at home. The story behind the space is rather interesting as well.  Le Croco Blue houses in the former Bötzow brewery which flourished from 1885-1945. The building was the last untouched building in former East Berlin since the fall of the wall. It has … [Read more...]

Trend: Poptails

2013 is definitely the year of the popsicle. The heatwave in Europe makes not only children but also grown-ups long for the colourful refreshers. And a lot of us thirty-somethings are now making our own to keep better track of the ingredients. On the internet you can find a load of yummie recipes. A new trend is to have poptails: cocktail popsicles where you either make an ice-lolly of a cocktail, or you serve a glass of prosecco or champagne with a fruit popsicle in it to melt and mix. Great … [Read more...]

A Summer cocktail with Roses and Raspberry

Today I'm over at my American blog-friend's blog Joyful Scribblings with a guest post. Dawn asked me to share an article on her blog while she is on holiday, so I chose to share my self-invented Roses and Raspberry Cocktail recipe with her readers. And since it's so good, I couldn't keep it from my own readers either.A fresh cocktail that is also visually attractive can't be lacking at a barbecue or garden party. It encourages your guests to move and mingle while serving themselves. Although … [Read more...]

Great summer drink: Elderflower lemonade

The Elderflower season is long gone, but thanks to Ikea you can still enjoy a good glass of refreshing Elderflower lemonade on a hot day, or  welcome your guests at your next garden party with an elderflower cocktail.  I never bought gourmet products at Ikea before, but a few weeks ago I thought I would give it a try. So I bought the elderflower syrup and I must say, it's not bad at all. Sure, it doesn't come close to the real deal, but hey, not everyone has time to go to the park, and climb … [Read more...]