Trend: Poptails

2013 is definitely the year of the popsicle. The heatwave in Europe makes not only children but also grown-ups long for the colourful refreshers. And a lot of us thirty-somethings are now making our own to keep better track of the ingredients. On the internet you can find a load of yummie recipes. A new trend is to have poptails: cocktail popsicles where you either make an ice-lolly of a cocktail, or you serve a glass of prosecco or champagne with a fruit popsicle in it to melt and mix. Great eye-catcher at your next garden party and a real adult treat! To grab the recipes just click on the links.

Would you like to stay of the booze? Then check out my recipe for ice tea popsicles with flowers to get inspired.


lychee saketini: a cocktail popsicle with fresh lychee and Japanese sake


a melon-raspberry diablo with a honeydew melon, tequilla and gingerbeer


Dark and stormy with apricot, lime and rum


Cooler cocktail: Pear, blueberries and pommegranate with a mix of triple sec and vodka


Blackberry prosecco


Strawberry and vodka

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  1. It’s hot here in Greece – one of those would go down a treat 🙂

  2. I made mango and strawberry ones for my kids yesterday! Delicious and looked terrific (yellow and pinky red swirls). Never occurred to me to put alcohol in them! Good idea for an adult version.

  3. I love this post Louise 🙂 I’m going to try out some of those recipes. Thanks for sharing lovely. Have a great weekend xx

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