Iris Apfel exhibition in Bon Marché, Paris

How lucky I was to be in Paris during the last days of the Iris Apfel exhibition in department store Bon Marché. The exhibition ended on April 16, so I was just in time to see it. Iris Apfel is known for being a wonderfully eccentric 94 year-old from New York, who has the most wonderful quotes on fashion and style. An interesting lady!

Iris Apfel Bon Marche

The exhibition “Iris in Paris” included window displays, a pop-up store with display cabinets showcasing 10 outfits that Iris Apfel put together for various activities in the French capital. She selected outfits for a dinner, a cocktail, at the opera, a fashion show, a gala, on a café terrace, a bateau-mouche, at the museum, at the flea market and to stroll in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Iris Apfel Bon MarcheIris Apfel Bon Marche

There were also many of her famous quotes on display, and screens with videos of her. Naturally, there were also items to shop: a bag designed by Apfel, made of red or black Mongolian wool; oversize sunglasses from Selima Optique; a men’s bow tie by Cinabre Paris; bracelets from Luc Kieffer; necklaces by Marion Vidal, as well as limited-edition items including notebooks, a scarf, an umbrella and a mug. The chiffon scarf will feature a drawing of the Eiffel Tower by Eric Giriat, whose sketches of Apfel were exhibited on the second floor of Le Bon Marché.

iris apfel sketchesIris Apfel Bon MarcheIris Apfel Bon MarcheIris Apfel Bon Marche


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