Winter Fashion Trend: the knit sweater dress

Winter has arrived and snow is forecast to hit us next week. The harsh weather tempts us to stay inside bundled up in sweatpants and a warm oversized sweater binge-watching our favourite netflix series while sipping tea. Unfortunately that is not how real life works thus we are to curate an outfit that is weather appropriate yet also fashionable. This winter the chuncky knits are totally on trend. Moreover, the knit sweater dress makes winter dressing for minus 0º Celsius look effortlessly chic.

The sweater dress combines comfort with body hugging sexiness. Throw on a pair of leggings and tall boots and you’re ready for work. Or combine the curves enhancing knitted dress with sneakers for a more casual look. The sweater dress also pairs well on top of skinny jeans or leather pants. Either way, you can’t deny this winter trend is stylish and snug!

photographer: Imara Angulo Vidal 


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