Hanging Plants in Flora Pockets

I’m so excited about this month’s urban jungle bloggers challenge. For those who recently tuned in, the urban jungle bloggers challenge is a monthly assignment to promote and show how house plants can be used and styled in your interior. Tens of bloggers from around the globe participate in the monthly challenge and you can […]

An Urban Oasis on my Balcony

Hi everyone, here is another installment to the Urban Jungle series. Just a quick refresher: the urban jungle blogger challenge is a monthly assignment, and blogger movement, embraced by bloggers around the globe, to incorporate more green plants in our styling and decor. Initiators of this fun monthly challenge are German blogger Igor and Dutch, France-based blogger Judith. This month the […]

Home Trends 2014: Urban Farming

Today is your last chance to visit the Dutch home decor fair the Woonbeurs Amsterdam. My visit to the Woonbeurs gave me tons of ideas for styling, and a good overview of the different home fashion trends for this winter. Two trends you couldn’t ignore at the fair were Urban Farming and Green Styling. Both […]

Ceramic plant markers

Beautiful as well as useful are these ceramic plant markers I got at Noot & Zo. Cause your pot and marker should be just as eye-catching as what it holds, don’t you think? You can give each herb its own cute marker, and you’ll never snip the wrong sprigs again.  I am really pleased with […]