An Urban Oasis on my Balcony

Hi everyone, here is another installment to the Urban Jungle series. Just a quick refresher: the urban jungle blogger challenge is a monthly assignment, and blogger movement, embraced by bloggers around the globe, to incorporate more green plants in our styling and decor. Initiators of this fun monthly challenge are German blogger Igor and Dutch, France-based blogger Judith. This month the assignment was to show off the balcony or window sill. That was a no-brainer for me, because my balcony is my sanctuary in spring and summer. I love to have breakfast on my white bench, take care of my plants and flowers, and grow my own herbs, fruits and vegetables. 

Urban Jungle blogger balcony

Like last year I chose a colour scheme to create coherence and rest: my favourite summer hues, turquoise, fuchsia, and white. I’m growing cherry tomatoes, different herbs and strawberries. The other day I also saw an egg plant plant, and I might get that one as well and see if it grows on my balcony.  Growing your own food is very simple. You just have to make sure that you don’t get any lice or snails, and water them regularly.

Urban Jungle Balcony Urban Jungle Balcony 4 Urban Jungle Balcony 3 Urban Jungle balcony 2 tomato plant strawberry plants growing herbs flowers in basket balcony

I’m very excited for summer to arrive so I can spend my evenings after work on my balcony with candles and a blanket and enjoy the peace and quiet. Do you have a balcony and what plants do you have?



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  1. Your balcony is so beautiful Louise. I’m very envious of your abundant strawberry and tomato plants, looks like you are going to get such a great crop! An eggplant plant sounds wonderful. Enjoy your week. xD

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