My Tropical Balcony

In summer I love having breakfast and dinner on my small balcony. To hold on to the tropical weather of my travels to the Côte d’Azur, I chose to decorate my balcony differently this year. I chose only tropical plants, like a banana plant, an Anthurium, and Calla flowers. The lush greenery pairs perfectly with […]

Hot spot Amsterdam West: De Balkonie

No matter the season you can always spruce up your balcony. I like to make my balcony a small extension of my living and I like to dress it according to the changing seasons. Because, even in autumn it can be a nice retreat, even though you have to put your coat on. On crisp […]

Perk up your balcony for fall

I have a feeling that last week was the last of summer and that autumn is bound to set in the coming weeks. I tried to procrastinate clearing out my summer decorations in and around my home, but as we are approaching October, it feels a bit off to still have turquoise and sea shells […]

An Urban Oasis on my Balcony

Hi everyone, here is another installment to the Urban Jungle series. Just a quick refresher: the urban jungle blogger challenge is a monthly assignment, and blogger movement, embraced by bloggers around the globe, to incorporate more green plants in our styling and decor. Initiators of this fun monthly challenge are German blogger Igor and Dutch, France-based blogger Judith. This month the […]

How to decorate your balcony in winter

Your balcony is easily transformed into an inviting winter sanctuary to enjoy the crisp air, your view and a cup of hot milk with cinnamon. Because life outside doesn’t have to come to a complete halt even in the dead of winter. Add seasonal plants like heather, or bushes that produce berries in winter to add […]

Make your balcony autumn-ready

We are blessed to have had such nice weather in September. This is definitely the proverbial Indian Summer that they usually only really experience in the States. Coming week they forecast 20 degrees Celsius…in October! In the meantime, everyone is stocking up on gourds and pumpkins to decorate their homes and entryways. So am I. […]

Extend your living space to the balcony

The best thing about summer is eating outside. I love to have breakfast on my balcony. This year I decided to have a small balcony makeover. I’ve been living in my home for 12 years now, and figured it was time for a change of atmosphere outside. I wanted to extend my living space to […]