Perk up your balcony for fall

I have a feeling that last week was the last of summer and that autumn is bound to set in the coming weeks. I tried to procrastinate clearing out my summer decorations in and around my home, but as we are approaching October, it feels a bit off to still have turquoise and sea shells in and in front of the house. This year I decided not to go with orange and brown hues, but to opt for a black and white autumn balcony. I bought white heather plants, chrysanthemums, and a grey-green pumpkin. The make-over from summer balcony to autumn balcony is done, and I’m very pleased. What colour scheme do you have this season?



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4 thoughts on “Perk up your balcony for fall

  1. really nice!! is this water proof? (rain) and do those plants last thru the winter or just the fall season? (I live in Wisconsin, gets really cold). THANKS and good job!!

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