Carpet Crush

I have a crush on the carpets designed by my favourite illustrator Megan Hess. In fact, I like everything she designs, her home, what she wears, and all her drawings. I’m a Megan Hess groupie. I follow her on all social media channels, I have her book Fashion House, and one day I will own one of her art pieces. The carpets are so beautiful and decadent, that superlatives are missing. I followed her sneak peeks of the designs on her instagram and facebook and when she finally showed them I was in ecstasy. Her luxury rugs collection consists of three pieces and is designed for Designer Rugs. The collection is called ‘The Vintage Jewels‘ and is inspired by old Hollywood glamour and icons like Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren. “I imagined a bygone era where women wore elaborate jeweled turbans and sipped champagne”, she says.

My favourite of the three is “The Emperor’s Pearls’, a circular carpet a peach and cream colour scheme and, with a profile of a female who looks like Elizabeth Taylor, or is it Sophia Loren? It is made of hand tufted, semi-worsted New Zealand wool with bamboo highlights. All carpets can be customized in size and can be re-coloured.

Megan hess rug design10592693_527961730669308_3532124801143179372_n

Her second design rug is rectangular with grey and white and is called ‘The Lost Vault”. “I wanted each piece to look and feel as if you were stepping on a bed of sparkling jewels,” Hess says on her facebook. The rug design features a woman wearing an elaborate jewelled dress covered in diamonds and precious stones. It has shimmering silver and white tones.10250135_459379934194155_5185411028804036352_nMegan hess rug 1

Her third piece is called ‘The Palazzo Jewels’, a circular design, sparkling in golden tones. The carpet is created for the entire space of your floor! 10254014_460222994109849_5104901075595728347_nmegan hess rug 2


Photos credits: Lisa Cohen

Illustration credits: Megan Hess

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