30s Magazine turns 3

Today is exactly 3 years ago I wrote my first blog post. I vividly remember it was about Rosebud salve. (I still use that by the way) Back then I was still blogging in Dutch. After a year I switched to English and that is the best decision I ever made. Because it is my blog’s anniversary, I bought myself a small charming bouquet. Flowers are life’s little luxuries, don’t you think? I’m on a no-carb diet so I can’t have any cake or champagne unfortunately. Instead, I’m taking the day off and I’m going to the beach to do absolutely nothing! Another simple luxury!

Thank you for following and reading 30s Magazine. Some of you are loyal and are diligently reading every post. And some of you pass by every now and then. Either way I’m grateful. Blogging continues to bring me joy, and I hope I can continue to write and photograph for years to come. Cheers!

P.S. Please share your favourite blog post of the past 3 years in a comment! I would love to know!

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  1. He Louise, congratulations! And you know what’s funny? I’ll have my 3rd b-day tomorrow!! Enjoy your day off (even without carbs ;-)))

  2. Happy Blog Birthday Louise! May there be many more inspiring posts from 30s Magazine! xD

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