Trend: Nesting Tables

Nesting tables have been around forever but lately they are popping up more than usual. You see them in all styles and designs, from sophisticated glam to Scandanavian simple designs and there is even an Ikea design this season. The doubled or tripled up tables were traditionally used for small activities in the home like needlepoint or games of chess. They then evolved into pieces to offer reading nooks, or a place for displaying treasured collectibles, floral arrangements and books. Today, the nesting tables are more than just an occasional table or decorative table next to the sofa. They are increasingly used as coffee tables. They are after all much easier to move around, and they don’t take up so much space as a bulky coffee table. Are you going to incorporate this trend in your interior?

nesting trend

1. Aisha nesting table | 2. Zuiver marble and wood | 3. Zara Home | 4. Glass and chrome | 5. Zen Lifestyle

I love these four chic designs.

chic nesting tables

1. Layla Grace | 2.  Zara Home | 3. Vera Capiz | 4. Zara Home

nesting 9nesting-Coffee-Table nesting 10 nesting 12


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