Bliss in a Box: The Velves Sensebox

With that relaxing summer holiday still fresh on your mind, and a fair amount of back to work/school days  already ticked, we start to long for me-time again. Time to relax and pamper ourselves. Time to rejuvenate and soothe our senses. Time to get off that treadmill. Another holiday would be nice right now, but also a frivolous luxury, and a visit to the spa is just not the same as it was in that extravagant resort with a view on the sun-kissed waters and powdery white beach.

I discovered the best gift box you can give yourself, or your friend: The Velves Sensebox! The Sensebox is like a replenishing journey around the globe, soothing all your senses right from your own home. The gift box is filled with global finds that restore the balance in your stressfull life and make you slow down your pace. There are three different boxes to chose from, all filled with exclusive products curated by Velves’ owner Bernice Goudt. With only a few mouse-clicks you can have the box delivered to your home and pen in some me-time in your diary. Velves’ motto is: “Instead of wondering when your next trip is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”  [continue reading after photo]

UPDATE: Unfortunately Velves in no longer in business

Velves World explorer boxvelves box

I received the World Explorer Box packed with premium treats from different countries, including a world map to show where the gifts are from. The other boxes, Holiday Hide-out and Himalayan Delights are smaller and less expensive, so there’s something for every budget. The un-boxing is so much fun and already a treat to your senses. Each product has a story and is made by artisans with passion. Therefore everything is of high quality and a little luxury just for you.

What’s in the Sensebox?

A Woo Bottle Candle, the mini vodka – Vietnam

A scented, handmade candle with the best fragrance ever! Woo bottle candles are made of recycled bottles and beeswax by communities from different parts of the world. It gives a cozy light and the scent is really sensational. I’m officially a woo candle fan now!

Himalayan Mountain Salt – Pakistan

100% Pure pink mountain salt  from Pakistan that aids in detoxing the body. A little goes a long way in cooking with pink salt. But pink salt is especially good for a luxurious foot bath. A salt foot bath benefits the blood circulation and relaxes. Grind the salt and mix 2 teaspoons with jojoba/baby oil and a few drops of a fragrant essential oil , and you have a perfect foot scrub.

A Hammam Towel – Turkey

A soft hammam towel made by Turkish artisans to wrap around you, use as a towel, or lay as a comfort throw on your lap while reading a book.

Nablus Dead Sea Mud Soap – Palestine

A natural olive oil soap with mud from the Dead Sea made by a family business in the ancient city of Nablus in Palestine. Olive oil moisturizes and softens your skin while the 20% mud purifies and strengthens skin. Nablus Soap is suitable for daily use because it consists entirely of natural, botanical ingredients, including more than 80% virgin olive oil. Nablus Soap contains no preservatives and it is not tested on animals.

Scrub Wash Cloth – Turkey

A precious scrub wash cloth made of viscose. Scrubbing stimulates the blood circulation, exfoliates and resurfaces the skin. Combined with the Dead Sea Mud Soap you can make your skin glow and soft as a baby.

Marou Chocolate BarVietnam

Marou fair trade chocolate is really something else! After you had this chocolate you don’t want anything else. Marou is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker, meaning they make their chocolate from raw materials that are cacao and sugar. They are based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and so they are one of the very few chocolate makers working directly in the country of origin of the cacao, allowing them to work directly with cacao farmers. We all know that chocolate (scientifically proven) makes you feel good, so while soaking your feet in a salt bath, or while reading your book after the rejuvenating scrub and bathroom rituals, indulge in a piece (or two) of chocolate. In winter, melt it in milk over slow heat or in the microwave and you have a warming mug of hot chocolate.Velves World explorer senseboxIMG_8528To order your own Sensebox visit the Velves website here.

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