Trend: Furniture with Fringes

Exotic and happy influences are taking over home decor in 2018. And one of those influences are fringes. It’s a bit retro yet reintroduced in a manner that it doesn’t look granny-like. Combined with brass, velvet and silk, fringes add a touch of chic to your interior. Combine it with bold vibrant colours and tropical […]

Interior Trend: Playing Games

Fashion and interior design are constantly inspired by things around us. One very distinctive influence on interior design this year is gaming. We will see furniture and design that is inspired by games, and is translated into playful forms and colours, but also sophisticated, refined and dramatized home decor. Not only furniture but also home […]

Trend: Floors with patterns

An upcoming trend in home decor is a patterned floor. Especially geometric shapes are über hip like checkered floors, triangles, diamond, hexagon, honeycomb, and chevron patterns. Patterns create an illusion of depth and direction. The honeycomb and checkered pattern are eluding to a sophisticated retro look. Whether you go for a bold colour or more muted […]

Trend: Zebras in home decor

Flamingo, move over, cause there’s a new interior trend coming our way. This summer we will still embrace the tropical trend with lush jungle leafs wallpapers and tropical birds, but that will soon fade. Mark my words, the safari look is on its come back with the zebra and chita in the lead. Black and white […]

Trend: Herringbone Floors

Wooden floors never go out of style, but the prevalent  colours and patterns do change every few years. I noticed that currently herringbone hard wooden floors are trending. In my opinion it adds sophistication to a space and when the light is right, a bit of playfulness too. photo sources: 1 2 3 4

Trend: Bamileke Feather Headdress (Juju Hats)

I love ethnic chic interiors; a fusion home decor of contemporary pieces with ethnic touches like e.g. wood carvings, kilim fabrics, tribal patterns, artisan art you collected from traveling abroad, and natural materials like wicker and bamboo. One of the latest trends that derives from the ethnic chic style, is a Bamileke Feather Headdress ,or Juju Hat, […]

Trend: Nesting Tables

Nesting tables have been around forever but lately they are popping up more than usual. You see them in all styles and designs, from sophisticated glam to Scandanavian simple designs and there is even an Ikea design this season. The doubled or tripled up tables were traditionally used for small activities in the home like needlepoint or games […]