Interior Trend: Playing Games

Fashion and interior design are constantly inspired by things around us. One very distinctive influence on interior design this year is gaming. We will see furniture and design that is inspired by games, and is translated into playful forms and colours, but also sophisticated, refined and dramatized home decor. Not only furniture but also home accessories will show influences drawn from games, the circus, or gambling. It can be any kind of game:

  • a social game [board games],
  • role games and games that magicians play [illusions and fantasies, trompe d’oeuil, the circus],
  • or games of chance [gambling, card games].


At the Maison et Objet fair in Paris this new trend was translated into an inspirational space by Vincent Grégoire. He created 3 spaces. In the first space he showed stools by Pols Potten in jaded hues on top of a black and white checkered floor. People become sort of pawns in a game. In the cabinets there were several games on display as accessories, candles in the shape of chess pieces, and fun objects.

The second space was dedicated to role games with bold, brightly coloured accessories and furniture. Think trompe l’oeuil wallpaper, or epoque style chairs that evoke a feeling of fantasy and fairy-tales. ‘Games of chance’ inspired the third space with big mirrors, swing chairs for fun, poufs like dices, toys, cards, gambling green mats, and accessories with an eye to ward of evil spells.

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