Trend: Bamileke Feather Headdress (Juju Hats)

I love ethnic chic interiors; a fusion home decor of contemporary pieces with ethnic touches like e.g. wood carvings, kilim fabrics, tribal patterns, artisan art you collected from traveling abroad, and natural materials like wicker and bamboo. One of the latest trends that derives from the ethnic chic style, is a Bamileke Feather Headdress ,or Juju Hat, as a wall hanging.Bamileke Feather Headdress 3

The Juju Hat originates from the Bamileke tribe in Cameroon. It is made of natural or dyed chicken feathers or wild bird and traditionally worn by royal tribe dancers during important ceremonies held by the tribal chief. One thought that the hat possessed favourable qualities and was therefore a symbol of prosperity. Feathers symbolize beauty as well as fragility. The feathers are stitched to woven raffia and come in a range of different colours. The trend is no longer restricted to ethnic chic interiors but is now also prevalent in other home decor styles. From livingroom, to bed- and bathroom, and grouped with other art or singled out as a focal point, it is always a conversation starter.

Where to buy juju hats

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