Autumnal Weekend Escape to Limburg

Sometimes you don't have to travel far to have a rejuvenating weekend full of new discoveries. It had been over 20 years since my last visit to the most southern spot of the Netherlands; Vaals. Although it is only a three hour drive from my home, somehow I just never felt compelled to travel to one of the most beautiful provinces of my own country, Limburg. My loss, because it really is gorgeous! But after last week's autumnal weekend escape I have made a vow to do it more often. A weekend in … [Read more...]

Brussels sprouts & Butternut squash soup

Seasonal cooking is one of the best things. With the cold evenings there is nothing better than to come home and cook comfort food. The other day I didn't feel like cooking at all, nor going outside again to get groceries. The only things I had in the fridge were some leftover brussels sprouts, lamb sausages, and a half butternut squash (Dutch translation spruitjes en flespompoen). On top of that my friend was coming over in only one hour. What was I to do? So I took the chance and made a soup … [Read more...]

Autumn Leaves

One of life's little luxuries to me is the beauty of nature. I can really get excited about blossom, flowers, gorgeous landscapes, and autumn leaves. This year it seems, but I might be mistaken, that the leaves are much more vibrant and colorful. But then again, we are blessed with a lot of sunny days this October, which naturally enhances the colours. On my instagram feed I have been sharing a lot of photos of autumn's foliage in my hometown and in nearby Leiden, and I'll continue to do so in … [Read more...]

Savoury Pumpkin Crêpes

Crisp autumn evenings are best spent at home with family and friends. I love to entertain and prepare different foods, snacks and cheese platters for my guests. Collecting and mixing autumn flavours and seasonal products is for me a way to celebrate the season. That's how I came up with a recipe for savoury pumpkin crêpes. I think they make a perfect side dish for an autumnal dinner, but they are also perfect for lunch, a picnic, or as a snack during a board game night. Paired with other … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Countdown to Thanksgiving has started! Are you still in doubt how to dress your table next week? Then just keep following my blog because this week I'm sharing more Thanksgiving inspiration, starting with another Thanksgiving tablescape. Whoever said autumn is about dark and moody colours, might want to think that over again, because with today's tablescape you create a fresh, airy, autum-like decor that looks effortlessly chic. Just use soft and vivid orange and caramel colours combined with … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Flower arrangement

Vivid yellow and orange blooms are the most used flowers in Thanksgiving flower arrangements. But if you use the colour scheme of yesterday's table setting, it might come of as too much of the same. Ton-sur-ton sometimes just doesn't work. A moody, burgundy red, deep purple and a vibrant red would pair better and gives the whole setting a chic and sophisticated look.  Subtle pops of pink weigh in some playfulness and freshness. … [Read more...]

Perk up your balcony for fall

I have a feeling that last week was the last of summer and that autumn is bound to set in the coming weeks. I tried to procrastinate clearing out my summer decorations in and around my home, but as we are approaching October, it feels a bit off to still have turquoise and sea shells in and in front of the house. This year I decided not to go with orange and brown hues, but to opt for a black and white autumn balcony. I bought white heather plants, chrysanthemums, and a grey-green pumpkin. The … [Read more...]