How to decorate your balcony in winter

Your balcony is easily transformed into an inviting winter sanctuary to enjoy the crisp air, your view and a cup of hot milk with cinnamon. Because life outside doesn’t have to come to a complete halt even in the dead of winter. Add seasonal plants like heather, or bushes that produce berries in winter to add a pop of colour. Hang a few bird feeders to attract wildlife. And don’t forget to include evergreen needles to catch snow and leave your outside space like a winter wonderland. To enjoy this extension of your home, put in rustic accessories on a plate, plenty of candles and lanterns, and lots of fur throws and plaids to keep warm.

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Fur plaid -IKEA Ludde sheepskin €34,95

fur blanket white – Riviera Maison (last year’s collection)

basket – Kwantum

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