Extend your living space to the balcony

The best thing about summer is eating outside. I love to have breakfast on my balcony. This year I decided to have a small balcony makeover. I’ve been living in my home for 12 years now, and figured it was time for a change of atmosphere outside. I wanted to extend my living space to my balcony and make it more comfortable for lounging and eating.

First I started creating a moodboard on Pinterest with examples of balconies that I liked. The pictures inspired me to look for a bench that would fit horizontally so I could create a small lounge corner, and to use more colour, texture and pattern with a rug and pillows. It’s the perfect nook to curl up with a magazine and a warm throw in the evenings. You can get an array of colours and patterns of the synthetic fiber rug at Hema or Loods 5


balcony make over 1

balcony turquoise

A white serving tray on a stool serves as a table. I’ve added votives for tea lights so I can also sit outside during twilight.


balcony make over



IMG_1903 IMG_1927ed

I painted a few of my pots white to pull it all together and create a coherent colour scheme.


I also painted an old crate white and used it as a platform to diversify in heights.



I just love to grow my own vegetables and herbs to cook with. By grouping my herbs together I create rest. The ceramic plant markers I bought last year (read about them here) are functional and aesthetic.


growing herbs on balcony plant markers


gardening tools

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  1. Really beautiful and cozy balcony! I have also a narrow and long balcony and I have been thinking about the bench what would fit horizontally to use the space in a better way… unfortunately haven’t found one jet, but I’ll keep looking!

  2. I love outdoor rugs too! They have lots in the U.S. but can’t seem to find them here. Since our outdoor space is so small, I’m going with an outdoor-room look and a rug would be perfect. I’m thinking a trip to Holland is in order ….. or do any of your sources ship to the UK?

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