Kingly decors with a splash of orange

Happy King’s Day to all my fellow Dutchies! Today we are celebrating our first King’s day since our King succeeded his mother last year. It’s a big fesive day in the Netherlands. Everyone wear orange, parties, and there are flea markets everywhere. That made me think of incorporating orange is your home. It’s a bold colour but could work in moderation. Here are a few ideas to bring in the zesty colour that is the signature hue of the Netherlands:

Combine orange with white, and use statement pieces. Interior designer Anja Hesp has a glossy white kitchen with touches of orange to make it playful.

orange fridge


Paint one of your furniture pieces orange to make it a focal point in the room

orange piece


If you don’t want to go drastic and still have the option to edit out the orange, opt for a carpet.

orange carpet

So what do you think? WOuld you dare to go orange?

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