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Saint Tropez Restaurant Tip: Le Salama

Saint Tropez is packed with good and charming restaurants. Whether you are looking for a traditional French brasserie, or a glamourous place to eat, you won’t have a hard time finding a restaurant of your choice. One restaurant I really liked was the Moroccan restaurant Salama. Salama is hidden in an alley, a few steps from the Saint Tropez Port waterfront in 3 Rue des Tisserands. The interior is amazing with two parts: a courtyard with pink walls, greenery, and a charming garden-like atmosphere that transports you to Morocco. Fluffy pillows, candles and flowers make this a magical space to have dinner. [continue reading after jump]

Salama St TropezSalama St TropezSalama St TropezSalama St TropezSalama St Tropez

The front part of the restaurant and bar is decorated more robust with brick walls, traditional tapestry, Moroccan lamps, and traditional accessories and prints.

Salama St Tropez - 30s MagazineSalama St Tropez - 30s MagazineSalama St Tropez - 30s MagazineSalama St Tropez - 30s Magazinesalama restaurant Salama St Tropez - 30s Magazine-7604

Restaurant Salama dishes up the best tajines, couscous, and other traditional Moroccan food. The spiced olives are the best I ever had. I opted for a lamb tajine with almonds and prunes. The different flavours and Moroccan spices and aromas were a feast for the senses. After you finished you get a rose water hand wash which fragrance is heavenly. Naturally I ended this perfect dinner with a Moroccan mint tea.

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