Roots Rotterdam

Restaurant Roots in Rotterdam; a sensory journey through the seasons

Yesterday was the official opening of Roots, a new restaurant concept at the Hilton Rotterdam. The new restaurant focuses on seasonal food, but that’s not all. The change of seasons is also visible in the restaurant. The lighting, the decor, the music, tableware and even the uniforms of the staff are tailored to the season. In summer, the experience will be completely different from fall.


Roots Rotterdam

The interior 

The interior is urban chic with gorgeous marble tables, warm wooden furniture, Scandinavian design leather chairs and cozy benches. The accent colours, tableware and art will change with the seasons, as will the menu, creating different experiences from the moment you enter the restaurant.Roots Rotterdam Roots Rotterdam - 30s MagazineRoots Rotterdam Roots Rotterdam

The menu

Chief cook Stephan Nijst was inspired by provincial France when creating the menu.  Expect a summer stew 2.0, candied potato with dried onions, a carrot cream and a hash of onion. Or trout in the green: Dutch smoked trout fillets in a green jelly with cream of wasabi and a salad of green apples. Some dishes ensure a true spectacle: for example, a North Sea scallop served on river Maas stones, where a broth of seaweed on dry ice gets poured around at your table, so that the dish is presented in a cloud of fresh sea air. The signature dish of the restaurant: dry aged rib eye which is encased in hay and banana leaf, and then coated with river clay to be cooked in the oven. The clay piece is opened and served on the spot. The rib eye is from Dutch range beef, and three weeks dry aged in the restaurant in a dry age meat cabin. Dinner is a true experience in Roots Restaurant.

Roots Rotterdam
halibut with pickled vegetables, cucumber jelly and seafood
Roots Rotterdam
rib-eye cooked in clay and hay, with a mousse of egg-plant, corn, and mushrooms

Roots Rotterdam


Location : Kruiskade 9, 3012 EE Rotterdam
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Instagram : (#RootsRotterdam)



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