Style on the go with Frends Headphones

Ever since I have my rose gold Frends headphones, people are literally turning their heads when I'm wearing them while jetting across town. I don't think I ever had so many strangers come up to me to compliment me about an accessory since I bought my pink monogrammed clutch and my chanel iPhone bumper. So I'm super excited to share this much coveted item with you that is now always in my bag. The Frends 'Layla' headphone is made of soft white leather and rose gold caps. I chose rose gold because … [Read more...]

5 Tips to create a beautiful flat-lay instagram photo

The latest craze on instagram is to create a flat-lay photo, and I'm totally into it. As a matter of fact, I'm totally into instagram no matter what the angle is. I love to look at pretty photos by others and get inspired. The most mundane things are captured in such pretty ways, like flowers or a cup of coffee. But it is also an excellent medium to explore travel destinations. Besides browsing photos by others, I try to post as many photos on my own instagram as well, so I hope you're already a … [Read more...]

In the Picture: Brumley and Wells

It's time for another 'in the picture' where I share one of my favourite people I follow on instagram. Two days ago I discovered and instantly fell in love with the photography of professional photographer Jacob a.k.a. Brumley and Wells. I can't stop looking at his pictures, and going back to ones I have already seen, just to be wowed all over again. On his website he describes exactly what I love so much about his photos, which are two things; the lighting and the way he captures the souls of … [Read more...]

In the Picture: Ele Marti Illustration

It's been a while since my last 'in the picture' post where I share one of my favourite instagrammers. Today I would like to recommend to follow Ele Marti illustration on instagram. Her instagram name is @elemartiillustration The Italian fashion illustrator draws inspiration from haute couture designs and uses watercolour paint and occasionaly sparkles to make her drawings three-dimensional. I'm in love with her work, and would love to have one of her drawings on my wall some day soon. (All … [Read more...]

Learn how to make floral arrangements online

Always wanted to learn how to make floral arrangements? The e-course by Nicole's Classes is a downloadable online course where you can learn in your own time and pace how to make beautiful flower creations. Each lesson consists of step-by-step video tutorials that explain the how-tos but also e.g. how to take care of your flowers. Teacher Chelsea will share her tricks of the trade and tips about how to get into the business, along with basics like the best time to pick flowers for cutting and … [Read more...]

Steller app: visual stories, stunning photos

Have you also noticed that these days people prefer to skim texts and rather look at beautiful pictures that tell the story? While the masses have finally caught on to the app instagram to share nice frames, the early app adopters have already moved on to the new kid on the app block: The Steller app! I'm totally obsessed with it. I recently added my own 4 visual stories and grouped them in a collection called Dutch Diggs, featuring Dutch homes I photographed. I'll soon be adding more homes as … [Read more...]

In the Picture: Paris in Four Months

It's time for another must-follow instagrammer. And if you're still not on instagram you are so missing out on something! I can't imagine life before instagram. It is a must-have app for anyone who likes to look at pretty pictures. One of my favourite instagram accounts I follow is that of blogger Carin Olsson who has a blog called Paris in four months. Her instagram feed is, in my opinion even better. Carin is originally from Sweden and moved to Paris for four months to learn the language in … [Read more...]