Learn how to make floral arrangements online

Always wanted to learn how to make floral arrangements? The e-course by Nicole’s Classes is a downloadable online course where you can learn in your own time and pace how to make beautiful flower creations. Each lesson consists of step-by-step video tutorials that explain the how-tos but also e.g. how to take care of your flowers. Teacher Chelsea will share her tricks of the trade and tips about how to get into the business, along with basics like the best time to pick flowers for cutting and tricks for helping them last longer. Although you can take it in your own pace, there are (voluntary) homework assignments that are evaluated weekly by the teacher.IMG_3203edIMG_3199IMG_3211edIMG_3222

In a four-weeks program you will learn how to make a French hand-tied bouquet, a wild English garden arrangement, as well as a wedding bouquet and  Boutonnier and head wreath. I just finished my hand-tied bouquet and although there is room for improvement, I’m confident that practise will make perfect and that my first bouquet is not too shabby. What do you think? Click here to find out more about this awesome course or to enroll into the next one!IMG_3208edIMG_3217




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