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Last week I went to the product launch party of Nugi for Coco-Mat. Nugi, which means ‘undressed’ in Japanese, is a new brand of skin and hair care products and home fragrances that distinguishes itself by its simplicity and lack of unnecessary additives. Simplicity in packaging, and no additions of parabens, plastic, artificial colouring or mineral oils make Nugi pure and straightforward, what you see is what you get. The products are hand-made in small batches with pure ingredients in a small home-lab in picturesque Dutch city Schiedam. The fragrances are also minimalist, without being overbearing. The brown apothecary bottles are labeled by number (instead of a name) that corresponds with a certain age and experience. The maker of the fragrances, drew from past experiences in her life, and memories of aromas.Nugi for Coco-mat nugi undresse me

Currently, Nugi has two lines of products. One line is for the morning because of its uplifting properties, and one line is for relaxation and best used before going to sleep. Each line consists of coco-balm, shampoo, body lotion, shower gel, hand wash, a home scent and of a baby shower gel plus baby body lotion. The fragrances are: Jasmin (No.1C) and Blue Chamomile (No.3C – baby line) for relaxations. And to uplift: Orange Bergamot (No.21C) and Green Apple (No.7C  baby line).IMG_9349

I tried the coco-balm in my hair and it instantly got a glow and was less dry. The relaxing no. 1C home fragrance spray is inspired by an evening stroll in Athens when the air is filled with the seductive fragrance of blooming jasmin. I love it!

Nugi for Coco-Mat is available in all Coco-Mat stores.IMG_9350

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