Beauty essential: Royal Fern anti-aging cream

Today I would like to share a detail of my beauty regimen; my Royal Fern anti-aging cream. I’m often complimented about my almost wrinkle-less face and therefore younger appearance. People also want to know my secret. I think it’s 70% genetic. The other 30% has to do with nutrition, healthy living, and using the right products. I drink a lot of tea, I never smoked, I don’t drink alcohol -only occasionally-, and I try to eat healthy. In addition I also use qualitative beauty and skin products. Quality usually comes with a certain price tag, but in my opinion nothing is more important than my health, hence also the health of my skin. Especially in winter, my skin needs extra moisturizer to keep it elastic and shiny and resilient to the cold weather.  

The benefits of Royal Fern

Royal Fern is a brand developed by Dr. Timm Golueke, an anti-ageing expert and renowned dermatologist. His skincare and bath products line have Royal fern as its most important ingredient. On his discovery for beneficial ingredients for the skin, he found out that ferns have an anti-aging potential, in particular in regards to skin care against the damaging influences of sunlight. Dr. Golueke has a patent on Royal Fern, as he found out that this type of fern is naturally resistant against damaging UV-radiance, purifies and protects, and recovers affected skin cells instantly. Fern is also anti-inflammatory, hence good against eczema. Everything about this brand is scientifically and biologically researched and covered, which makes me feel extremely confident about the quality. I met Dr Golueke personally and he explained how he developed it into great detail.


Royal Fern anti-aging creamI’ve been using the cream for 2 months now, and I’m very pleased. It’s a light and soft emulsion that instantly hydrates my skin. It’s not fatty or oily, but rather polishes, so I can apply my foundation and face powder immediately after. Before using this cream, I always had a dry skin due to hot showers and the central heating in winter. But that is now a thing of the past! The cream stimulates collagen production and ensures an effective protection against cold winter days or hot summer days. It is super nurturing for the skin with a double concentration of vitamin C, macadamia nuts oil, and vitamin A complex of peach extract and retinal. The complete formula hydrates, protects and restores.

ROYAL FERN PHYTOACTIVE Anti-Aging Rich Cream, 50 ml, €250 via Royal Fern webshop or via Mostert & van Leeuwen

Other Royal Fern products to try: 

  • shampoo – great against hair loss
  • eye cream – with chamomile against puffiness, also great as a mask
  • serum
  • cleanser – organic, calming, with cucumber


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