The Perfect Gift: Pour Toujours perfume

A few months ago I was gifted the perfume ‘Bootylicious‘ which is part of the Pour Toujours perfume collection. Every time I wear the fragrance, I get lots of compliments. The scent is sweet and can be best described as fruity with a floral undertone. It is sensual, rosy and leathery. It exudes the delicate aroma of a roasted quince. Not surprisingly because it is buoyed on a waft of quince and the name ‘bootylicious’ refers back to the voluptuous, plump and fleshy quince as well. With tones of white musk, rose, juniper berry, Italian bergamot and quince, it is a feminine fragrance that can be worn during the day as well as in the evening.

The white and gold packaging is very elegant. Inside the box there’s an inspiring quote by John Keats. The bottle itself has a sleek and timeless look.

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Pour Toujours: subtle, refined and unpretentious

The brand Pour Toujours is developed by Martine Denisot. She created fragrances that evoke scents from her childhood, the French countryside; Birch, hay, lavender. But she also drew inspiration from her travels. She sees perfume as a cocoon you wear that oughts to be cozy and not overbearing. When crating her perfume line she wanted to develop scents that are easy to comprehend, happy, and leaning towards the slow movement. Her mentor that introduced her to the ingredients of perfume is the renowned “nose” of Chanel, Mr Jacques Polge. At Chanel she discovered and evolved her skills to use harmonious accords, dissonant notes and abstract substances to create the perfect perfume. Her perfume line characterizes itself by fragrances that are subtle, refined and unpretentious

Other fragrances are:

  • Khamsin (another favourite of mine) that smells like 1001 nights; spicy and musky. It was inspired by the wind blowing in Lebanon, and evokes the Middle East with its sultry notes of Jasmin, saffron, sandalwood, bergamot and rose.
  • Graines, reminiscent of a sac of grains, with a mix of earthy and sweet notes. It diffuses slowly and includes carrot, cacao, cardemon, ambrette, oak, mint and iris.
  • Tudo Bem! is an energetic and fresh, tangy scent with accords of lime ginger and mint, nutmeg and bergamot
  • Boule de Gomme is a subtle and sweet scent with orangeblossom, white musk, bergamot and lavender. It’s an ode to licorice
  • Pyrus is a summery scent evoking the sensation of peeling a pear. citrus, pear, rose, mimosa and bee wax are some of the ingredients.

Pour toujours is available via the Pour Toujours e-shop and via Mostert & van Leeuwen and is € 130 for 100 ml






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