The Perfect Gift: Pour Toujours perfume

A few months ago I was gifted the perfume ‘Bootylicious‘ which is part of the Pour Toujours perfume collection. Every time I wear the fragrance, I get lots of compliments. The scent is sweet and can be best described as fruity with a floral undertone. It is sensual, rosy and leathery. It exudes the delicate aroma of […]

Carved in stone

The perfect gift are these graceful and elegant decorative pebbles giving out a subtle fragrance. The exquisite stones have carvings with beautiful messages like Bonheur (luck), Amour (love), and Amitié (friendship). I use them for decorative purposes in the living room, but you can also place them in the bathroom or bedroom, or even in […]

The Scent for Summer

Looking for a signature scent for this summer? Look no further! Today I’m dishing on one of my favourite fragrances. In my earlier blog posts I already revealed that I usually opt for niche perfumes and eaux de toilettes. I also prefer subtle and soft scents, especially in spring and summer. An exquisite and delicate […]


Ik ben altijd op zoek naar exclusieve parfums. En, ik ben gek op de geur van lavendel. Happy was ik dan ook toen ik 3 jaar geleden mijn favoriete lavendelmerk vond: Penhaligon’s! In Groot Brittanië en Frankrijk een sterk merk, in Nederland, op een aantal exclusieve adresjes na, vrijwel onbekend. Penhaligon’s is dé huisleverancier van […]