The Scent for Summer

Looking for a signature scent for this summer? Look no further! Today I’m dishing on one of my favourite fragrances. In my earlier blog posts I already revealed that I usually opt for niche perfumes and eaux de toilettes. I also prefer subtle and soft scents, especially in spring and summer. An exquisite and delicate perfume I have been using for a while now is Tocca‘s Giulliette. I have also tried a sample of Tocca’s spicy, sweet and seductive scent Colette, which comes in second on my favourites list. [continue reading after picture]

Tocca’s Giulliette is named after Italian filmaker Federico Fellini’s love Giulietta Mesina. The scent’s pink tulip, green apple, and Bulgarian rose notes makes you swoon away to romantic dinners on the Italian coast. The design of the bottle and box is elegant and reminiscent of bygone times. [continue reading after picture]

And if you really want to splurge, and indulge yourself in the floral scent, you can also add the rich body cream to your beauty collection. It’s made of natural ingredients such as cocoa butter and shea butter with your favourite signature fragrance. Or you can channel the scent in your home with the candle version of the scent.

There is a Tocca fragrance for everyone:  Stella, Cleopatra, Florence, Graciella, Brigitte, Giulietta, Colette or Bianca. All fragrances are inspired by a historic figure with personality and come in perfume, solid perfume, bath and body products, and candles. Tocca is sold at fine boutiques worldwide. Visit their website to find a store near you.

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