Tradition by Frank Leder

Bathroom essentials: Tradition by Frank Leder

Today I would like to share a new brand I’m using; Tradition by Frank Leder. Frank Leder is a renowned German fashion designer. His bath, body and skin products are inspired by German cultural heritage. The product line uses different herbs and plants as materials to create products that evoke collective memories. All products are produced in limited quantities in Austria. Most striking is the packaging. All liquids come in glass bottles with a vintage tag, as if from the shelf of an apothecary. The boxing is very special with 19th to 20th century illustrations. The Tradition collection includes for example meisterwurz and honey hand lotion, bavarian sausage hand soap, elderflower shower gel and wheat beer hair shampoo. It doesn’t get any more German than that.

The scents are all very subtle and natural. Tradition by Frank Leder also makes great gifts, especially the German Oak Tree bath oil that has a real oak leaf inside the bottle, or the Korn Liquor muscle tonic with a corn branch inside.

Tradition by Frank Leder Tradition by Frank Leder

Travel Pack

I love the simply stylish travel pack consisting of a black pouch with six travel size glass bottles. The products in this travel pack are: (1)Masterwort and Honey hand lotion, (2)Korn Liquor muscle tonic, (3)Solicitor after-shave balm, (4)German Oak Tree bath oil, (5) Franconian Sausage Hand Soap, and (6) Wheat Beer shampoo.

Tradition by Frank LederTradition by Frank Leder

Where to buy?

Frank Leder is available via a.o. Mostert en van Leeuwen in Rotterdam or online and will be expanding its sales locations in the Netherlands in the coming months.

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