10 Best Luxury Advent Calendars 2017

2017 is definitely the year of the Advent calendar. Not the traditional one that we had when we were kids, the one with a chocolate inside. This year the Advent days are celebrated like it's Christmas every day. We are pulling out all the stops to enhance our countdown till Christmas. Especially the beauty brands have cleverly created boxes that look so good that you just NEED to get one. My favourite is by Dyptique. By the time you finish the last door your home and you will smell so nice with … [Read more...]

The Perfect Gift: Pour Toujours perfume

A few months ago I was gifted the perfume 'Bootylicious' which is part of the Pour Toujours perfume collection. Every time I wear the fragrance, I get lots of compliments. The scent is sweet and can be best described as fruity with a floral undertone. It is sensual, rosy and leathery. It exudes the delicate aroma of a roasted quince. Not surprisingly because it is buoyed on a waft of quince and the name 'bootylicious' refers back to the voluptuous, plump and fleshy quince as well. With tones of … [Read more...]

Bathroom essentials: Tradition by Frank Leder

Tradition by Frank Leder

Today I would like to share a new brand I'm using; Tradition by Frank Leder. Frank Leder is a renowned German fashion designer. His bath, body and skin products are inspired by German cultural heritage. The product line uses different herbs and plants as materials to create products that evoke collective memories. All products are produced in limited quantities in Austria. Most striking is the packaging. All liquids come in glass bottles with a vintage tag, as if from the shelf of an apothecary. … [Read more...]

Beauty World at De Bijenkorf Amsterdam just raised the bar

Yesterday I was at the grand opening of the long awaited new beauty department at luxury department store De Bijenkorf. The so-called 'Beauty World' is part of the ‘Premium Experience Strategy’ of the Bijenkorf, to focus on, and expand their high end brands, exclusivity, top service and unique shopping experience. Beauty World lives up to that promise with a wide range of exclusive beauty brands, fragrances and services making it the largest beauty department of the Benelux. What to expect? … [Read more...]

5 Beauty Products to top up that Bikini-Body Glow

Are you proud of your sun-kissed skin and wishing you could accentuate it to create an infinitely golden brown and glowy look? Then I have just the right products to shimmer up that sumptuous tan! For years I have been using products to give my tanned summer look a natural-looking glow. Sure, I have been blessed with a natural brown skin, that needs little extra help, but nonetheless a girl must always try to enhance her best assets, right? And even in winter you can use these products for a … [Read more...]

Paris cheat sheet: Terre d’Oc

Be warned ladies, if you enter this shop, you might have to break the bank afterwards. Terre d'Oc is one of the most addictive shops in Paris to me. Why? Because they sell organic beauty products and teas in the most fabulous packaging. So you're not only won over by the prettiness, but also by the fact that it's all so healthy and good for you. During my last visit I stocked up on tea, a tea tin, body oil and butter, and facial cream. (Read here, and here.) It really is the perfect place for … [Read more...]

Gift giving made easy with Terre d’Oc

If you are looking for a gift for your girl friend, mother, sister or daughter, look no further. I've found the perfect beauty brand for all women. You just can't go wrong with a gift from Terre d'Oc. The packaging alone is a gift in itself. Terre d'Oc is a French brand that blends the Orient and Provence by marrying the perfumes of Grasse, essential oils from Provence to the oriental fumes of incense. All cosmetic products are certified "organic cosmetics" by ECOCERT and contain at least 95% of … [Read more...]